Wine Delivery Tip: How Little is Too Little?

Just like everyone else, at one point or another you must have wondered—how much do I tip? What service do I tip? Who gets tipped how much? It can be confusing, particularly for the more considerate ones among us.

For those of us who find it hard to figure out the right amount to tip the pizza delivery guy, tipping a wine delivery is a totally different ballgame.

Do we tip according to the number of the bottles? The price of the bottle? Or maybe the distance they the delivery guy had to travel?

To set things straight, let’s first clear out exactly why we tip:

  • To appreciate the person delivering it, at the right time and making you happy in the process.
  • To shorten the wage gap. Since many people work for lower wages, particularly in the service industry, tipping helps shorten the wage gap.
  • To ensure the same level and quality of services in the future.

Now let’s get down to business.

How Much To Tip For A Wine Delivery?

Want a short and quick answer? Remember that $10 always does the trick.

For deliveries that are more expensive, consider tipping at least $20.

If it is extremely important that the wine delivery makes it on time; for example, for a holiday dinner and the delivery guy successfully makes it on the guaranteed time, consider tipping anything above $20 and under $50.

Is There Something Too Little A Tip?

At times, you might see a small delivery fee on the bill, making you wonder that if you are already charged for the delivery, should you really tip.

For starters, the delivery fee isn’t for the drivers or delivery guys, it is in fact for the wine club.

Most wine clubs today require members to purchase a minimum amount of wine for it to be delivered free of charge. So, if the bill is let’s say less than $100, whereas the minimum amount to avail free delivery is $150, you might be charged for the delivery.

In any case, you should still tip. If you are satisfied with the services and would like to show your appreciation, give them a tip.

Also, don’t forget to follow the $5 rule. While there is nothing such as too small a tip— because essentially tipping is just a way to show you appreciation—anything below $5 is too little. Is there a cap on it? Not really? You can tip as high as you can afford to and as high as you want.

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