Do You Really Need Wine Glasses?

Life is too short to drink bad wine… life is even shorter to drink wine out of a cheap Solo cup! Many wine connoisseurs are incredibly proper when it comes to drinking wine. Only the right sparkling wine glass is acceptable to appease their sensibilities!

What is the big deal with drinking your Cabernet Sauvignon out of a plastic cup? Everything… drinking fine wine in a plastic cup is a grave insult to the entire wine drinking experience!

In fact, there are many reasons why it’s a good idea to invest in a wine glass set especially when drinking or serving expensive fine wine.

An Important Reason – Clear Understanding of Flavor Nuances in Wine

Every wine (red or white) offers the drinker multitude layers of flavor and aroma in each sip. You are likely to decipher distinctive flavors in full-bodied wines although sharp and dry also offers a lot of flavor contrast.

How a Wine Glass Works

Selecting the right wine glass for a particular wine helps unlock and discover different nuances in each sip. Additionally, the right wine glass will also release the aroma of your chosen wine – which is another part of this wonderful experience.

  • Releases Aromas

Enjoying wine is all about the different aromas wafting from a glass of Chardonnay or another wine. It is the same joy when sniffing a steaming mug of coffee.

Aromas of wine are released as the alcohol volatilizes or evaporate on the surface. Maximum aroma can be released while drinking if surface area is larger. Swirling wine in a glass can have this effect.

  • Collects Aromas

The bowl of a wine glass offers more purpose than simply used as a collector of wine. A large bowl will collect more aroma of the wine opposed to a wine glass with a small bowl. This is also why white wines are typically served in glasses with small bowls to maintain temperature.

On the other hand, red wines have larger glass bowls to showcase their aromas in a more brilliant fashion.

Did you know there are many different styles of wine glass available to choose from? Aren’t all wine glass the same, serving one purpose? Yes but subtle changes in design can actually enhance your wine drinking experience!

Are you thinking of hosting a wine tasting for members of your wine club? Make sure they have the best experience by investing in the best wine and glasses!

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