Grapes of Wrath: A Selection of the Strongest Wines

Whether you’re an expert in the world of wine or just an amateur looking to get a taste of the finest flavors at your disposal, you’ll be well aware that not all wine is created equal.

The world of wine is quite the expansive one, with differing grapes, methods, and alcohol content to be explored.

There are wines that are smoky and strong, while others are light and fruity—making the experience of exploring the wine industry an ever-intriguing one.

If you’re looking to try out some strong red wines, for yourself or for your next wine tasting party, you’ve come to the right place—check out some of our recommendations below!

Klinker Brick Old Vine Zinfandel 2013

The vine Zinfandel is classic, solid strong red. Made of grapes that stem from some of the older vines, you get a burst of flavor that is robust and rich. Truly a treat for the palate.

The average age of the vines that vine Zinfandel stems from is 85 years, and it makes for a very concentrated berry flavor, one that has undertones of earth and peppery hints.

Have it alongside a hearty, meaty meal, or sip on a glass along with a friend!

Koehler Grenache 2013

Grenache certainly deserves a spot on this concise list, as it is one that delivers some of the more striking and robust flavors you’ll come across.

The mix of dark strawberries, black pepper hints, and undertones of burnt incense are enough for any strong wine lover be satisfied with their drink!

Craiglee Shiraz 2011

The Shiraz makes for quite the unique and standout flavors in wine—it has all the characteristics needed to give the bold, strong flavor you crave, while also retaining some of the lighter aspects of fine wine.

The 2011 Craiglee Shiraz is as strong in scent as it is in flavor, and it makes for a truly versatile wine tasting experience for the refined palate.

Aubert Lauren Vineyard Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2007

While red wines are generally the ones associated with bold, memorable flavors, white wine isn’t always one to be left in the dust.

This chardonnay is rich not just in flavor, but in alcohol content—getting tipsy with wine has never been so easy!

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