Fantastic Wine-Tasting Ideas for the Holidays

For starters, you don’t need to be a wine expert to host a wine tasting party.

The idea behind wine tasting parties is to make wine fun, simple and accessible for everyone. Your guests don’t need to be crazy about wine and don’t necessarily need to know what goes on in wines on a molecular level.

Therefore, the first priority is to have fun and may be learn something new along the way. You don’t want guests to feel intimidated; you want everyone to feel that they can contribute.

Here are a few tips to make your wine tasting parties the highlights for the holiday season:

When The Wine Is The Star Of the Evening…

If wine tasting is the primary focus of your party and you genuinely want guests to learn something new about wines, don’t serve any soft or hard drinks before the wine tasting begins.

Everyone should start off with a clean palate. Start the party with appetizers and sparkling water. Then go straight to the tasting.

When The Wine’s The Supporting Act…

For informal gatherings where you want guests to figure out the types of grapes used or the flavors in the wines, you can pair wines with different appetizers.

Similarly, for dinner parties you could pair different wines with foods and make it more fun. For true aficionados, this is the best way to have fun and savor each wine.

When You Go For Blind Tastings…

Blind tastings work best when you want to compare different varieties of grape. Blind tasting parties are perfect ice breakers and work great for parties that have a large number of people.

Oh, and if your guests aren’t familiar with wines, make it easier for them by printing out short descriptions and starting the party off with simple explanations for the flavors, types and qualities of wines they can expect to taste in the party.

With Non-Blind Tastings…

Non-blind wine tasting parties work best for parties that are relaxed and more informal. You can combine these parties with seated buffets and dinners.

What makes non-blind tastings more fun is that guests always get to learn more about the varieties and types which adds to their enjoyment.

All you need is a collection of 4 to 8 wines to get started on planning the perfect wine tasting party of the year.

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