About Us

There is nothing quite like opening up a fine new blend that has been aged with care. Wine Club Now ensures the best pour for your wine glass. Since our inception, we have graced the wine lover’s community with the perfect, hand-selected wines to create lasting relationships with our customers. You can stay connected with the latest inventions of wine masters, get loyalty benefits, and the knowledge of fine wine right here.


The tasters at our disposal have been at their craft for the last 15 years, and ensure that you have access to the most delicious wines from leading winemaking regions around the world.


Quality is paramount in the blend we choose for you. Whether it is the discovery of a wine, its delivery at your doorstep, or our customer support, our services encompass diligence and high standards.


Your wine escapades with us don’t just stop with receiving wines. We focus on using our resources to search for wines that better suit your taste. As you join in our club, you join in a fulfilling relationship with our wine connoisseurs.


We pay attention to education and exploration of wines across the world, and select varieties that fit your exceptional references. Every new wine shipment will bring you new style and value.

Wine Like Never Before

Wine is possibly one of the most unique indulgences you will ever experience. From deep red, to sparkling white, each blend comes with its own compelling flavors. We appreciate fine wine, and we most certainly appreciate your love for wine.

At Wine Club Now, we are privileged to bring a product that sparks immense excitement and interest at your doorstep. Tip the wine for yourself, or share it with your family and friends—we guarantee that you will undergo nothing short of utter excellence.