7 Gorgeous Winter Wines for the Season

Winter is here to stay for a few more months and what you really need is something warm to escape that chill until spring.
That warmth is called wine!
This is the season that calls for clinking glasses reminiscing of the sunny warmth. For most of us, it’s all about red wine, warming up your body and lifting your spirit—all you basically need is fire roaring; but for others, it’s all about the gradient textures playing on your palates and savoring every sip.
These gorgeous wines are sure to quench your thirst with their broadly expansive textures and intense aromas.


A Spiropoulos wine made solely with organic grapes Moschofilero. Greenish yellow in color with an elegant floral aroma, this organic offering has a fresh flavor of citrus, peach and white fruits. To fully experience the flavor of the wine, pair it with grilled chicken.

Shot fire Shiraz 2015

A Thorn-Clarke wine, deep red with hints of purple, Shot fire Shiraz is savory than most Shiraz. The wine is intense, made with rich and concentrated dark fruits and a touch of cherry oak and mocha. To best evoke the flavors, try the wine with tandoori lamb.

Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Deliciously crisp and intense wine, with fervent aroma of blackcurrant and passion fruit is made from a selection of vineyards throughout Marlborough, Saint Clair. This wine has subtle minerality and well-balanced texture which lingers elegantly on the palates. The ideal match with this wine is fresh seafood.

Domaine Karydas 2008

A fruity Greek wine made from Xinomavro grapes, is a cabernet and merlot blend, which leaves a velvety yet smooth aftertaste on your palate. Made from the fruits of region Naoussa, wine has a whiff of Mediterranean dried herbs. To best indulge the savory taste of the wine, pair it with mature and hard cheese.

Mencia Vico

The producer Raul Perez is the owner of Mencia planting from where this wine comes from. The wines are limited, handcrafted and artisanal. This wine has a chewy and bitter cherry effect on the palate slowly unfolding the cassis flavors.

It is very aromatic and balsamic with a hint of spices. Wine has a beautiful essence and can be paired with food the features rich and rustic ingredients.

Chardonnay 2013

This beautiful wine with a medium straw and a green tint is a Franklin Tate production. The aroma of ripe white peaches, nectarines with a hint of vanillin oak awakens your senses only to further tantalize your palate with lifted fruit characters. Wine is best paired with Salmon served with Asian greens.

2014 Tenuta Santa Maria Valpolicella Ripasso

Just the blend you would expect from Italy, with all the classic aromas and flavors. The wine offers sweet fruit and spices to the palate along with vibrant acidity leaves the lightness and balance. It is best paired with veal or deer to perfectly enjoy.

Now you know which wine should make to your top list this winter, all you need is a collection of these wines to have a perfect winter this year. At Wine Club Now, we can make it possible with our wine delivery service. Purchase our Monthly Wine Subscription and plan your perfect winter escape!

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